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Luck wasn’t on our side for the first couple of days in Katmai. Timing is so important, just a few days can be the difference between seeing twenty bears at the river and seeing none because of the salmon run, and we were probably a little late. The big moment came on our last morning. As we walked in the rain across the tundra above the confluence of Funnel and Moraine, she came through from the fog and walked straight towards us. It was just about getting as low as possible, for as long as possible. Heavy rain can be problematic for the cameras, but it makes the scene a lot more dramatic and it helps bring out the textures of her face. Even without these moments, it is an extraordinary place to spend time in. We always have a laugh with Jonathan Lee up there too.

Available Sizes (Framed Size)

Large: 65” x 96”

Standard: 48” x 69”

Editions of 9


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