I have been immensely fortunate to have been able to join Dad on photography trips all around the world. Until around 2 years ago, I would simply treat these adventures as a safari, whilst hoping Dad got what he wanted. A couple of years ago, I started to use some of the cameras and take pictures on these trips. More recently, I have become increasingly passionate about Wildlife Photography and relish any single opportunity to photograph breathtaking animals.

In the summer of 2018 we went on our annual trip to River Creek in Alaska to photograph bears during the salmon run. We were told we were too early and that the salmon hadn't arrived yet. Due to this, our chances of seeing bears went from 95% to 5% very quickly. It was pouring with rain and we sat on the river bed for around 4 hours, just waiting. Suddenly a bear came out of the bushes and dashed into the water to catch a salmon. It really caught me by surprise but I followed it with my camera and just hoped that I could get some sort of shot.

Another highlight was photographing the tigers in Ranthambore, India during the Easter break of 2019. We spent a lot of the time driving around looking for the tigers, and after the first three days I had nothing. But the next day we got extremely lucky. Throughout the week I struggled with there always being distractions in the backdrop of the frames, so to find a tiger sitting in a cave with its head popping out was a massive moment. Similarly to the bear image, this was another moment where patience was rewarded. It is fantastic to know this image hangs in many homes in the UK and US.

In the Summer of 2019, Kunsthuizen Gallery in Amsterdam approached me about showing some of my photos in their Gallery and a premier in the AAF. I am extremely grateful to them for this opportunity and their faith in me. I have also been invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale 2021 which I am incredibly excited for. Most recently, I have become a Nikon zCreator and am really honoured to join a group full of amazing photographers.


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